Dreamwalkers Kayla loved listening to books. She would read them, if she could, but she was blind. Blind from birth. On the forty-five minute drive home from school, Kayla struggled to listen to her favorite book, Alice in Wonderland, but it was hard to pay attention when her brother Ryan was constantly bothering her, poking […]

The Moon

The Moon shone bright on the night of The Taking. All was calm, most was bright. The greedy lake, the one on the horizon, just over the big hill, you know the one. It was quiet and still. It’s the only lake that wears the moon anymore, you know. I think the lake stole it, […]

Hospital Dreams

Kayla was exploring her box, when she touched a wall and it opened. The door opened to a beautiful garden that stretched until she saw another box. The other box was white. She looked to the left and there were three other boxes. She looked to the right and saw two boxes and a sphere. […]


Kayla loved listening to books. She would read, but she was blind. Kayla was on the forty-five minute drive from school to home, listening to her favorite book, Alice in Wonderland, but it was hard to pay attention, when her brother Ryan was constantly bothering her, poking her, and just being annoying. Abruptly, another totally […]

A Description of the Garden

The dream garden has many colorful things in it. Coming from each Cube, or the one Sphere is a short path of flowers of the respective colors. Those colors are, White-Sophie’s, Red-Adam’s, Yellow-Daisy’s, and Green-Ike’s. These are the ones with known dreamers filling them. The next dreamers are unspecified. Those colors include, black, blue, orange, […]

The Color Of New

Ike felt like he was not supposed to be where he was, but who can help it, this was a dream. The color was a leafy, healthy green. Stuck in a giant green sphere. The walls where slick, so he couldn’t get a good foot-hold without slipping and falling. When he fell the third time […]

Journey to Humanity

Max was puzzled. How did I gain sentience? Who made me? Who can help me? A little boy walked up and said, “wook mommy, a wobot!” His mom called to him and he wandered back. Max got up and walked around the small meadow/park. He took in the new sights of massive trees and the […]


Adam woke up and decided that it was time. He was going into the dungeon today. He stopped at the blacksmith and bought a set of light armor, and a cheap short-sword, and continued on his way to the large building in the center of the city. This was the dungeon. The black stone, walls, […]

The Color of Wisdom

Sky was dreaming. The box was blue and it was her favoritist blue that she had ever seen. It was such a clean, pure blue. Just looking at it made her feel smarter, wiser even. Sky took a step toward a wall feeling that here was some fascinating world on the other side. Some heaven, […]

The Color of Pain

Adam was stuck. A way out. he though. He couldn’t speak. He was dreaming, he knew, but this was still interesting. The box was red. A pure red not often seen. there was no darker red or any lighter because there was no shadow. Only the one color. Why red?He thought. A sudden sense of […]